Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mum's 49.

It's the 19th of May today and it's mummy's birthday! :)
My brother and I bought her an ice-cream cake from Baskin Robin and it was goooooood :D

Okay, this isn't my mum. This is my retarded brother.

Yes, a side of my brother you guys rarely see.

This is my mum! :D Pretty mummy <3

The brother and the mum.

The mum and the dad! :) I think dad was too full from buffet just now. Explains his "OMG-I'm-SO-full" expression.

I totally forgot to take one with mum :( But I had a picture with her from my iPhone. Shucks because it ain't HD.

Family portrait. I think I look fat here. But the other one was ruined because of my brother ==

Troll brother. Heh.

Well, I'm sorry I couldn't make your day as special as I imagined it would be. I'm sorry I'm not a good daughter too. I really want you to be happy,mum. I love you! :)