Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jati Day Out!

 Went to Ben's for lunch with the favourite Jatians yesterday :D It was a fun catch up and although it wasn't long, I'm still happy that we got to meet up :)

Bridget got her bracessss :D And she looks so cute :)

 Yivon was saying how small Li Qin and my eyes were in the picture,

So here's an attempt on us trying to widen our eyes in picture ;)

Yup, that was lunch. It was yummehhhh :D After that, we went SHOPPING! Didn't shop a lot but I bought something from H&M and I LOVE IT :D Yay. Actually, it was all thanks to SV and that I bumped into her when she was looking at the shirt. Hehe :D

That's all! Hoping to have another Jati day out again <3 and oh, after that I spent the rest of the Saturday with my favourite boy, Delon :D Fun fun Saturday~

Wondermilk +

This is a super long overdue post. Too lazy to blog about it but I decided to blog it now (Since I'm not that lazy now :P)

Okay, so SV, AV, Ben and I planned to go to Lake Garden for a video shoot. What were the odds, it decided to rain when we were about to reach. It wasn't those normal rain, it was super heavy and windy! So we decided to wait in the car; hoping that the rain would eventually stop.

We waited in the car for almost an hour I think, then we change our venue. We went to Publika and settled at Wondermilk+ I LOVE THAT PLACE :D It's so cute and pretty. Hehe <3

The "7" can is our order number, so cute :) And the cupcakes there too were adorable!

The idea of this shoot is that we will ask questions to Ben and Ai-Vee and they will answer on the white board. It's questions about each other. Something like a "How Well Do You Know Each Other" test.

We ended probably an hour plus later. Throughout that process, it was really fun and sweet. Seeing how attached they have grown in those 4 years. I'm so happy for them(AV and Ben) and I hope for many many more years ahead for them <3

After that shoot, we went to AV's place for dinner and we just talked. I think it was one of the best day for me. Maybe because I felt like our friendship grew much much stronger even after high school ended :') And probably because I felt like I found my real friends and I can call them my best friends <3 Yay Flamingo plus one! :D