Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dinner with the cousins.

Had dinner with my cousins from my dad side last Sunday and it was great :D We don't really catch up or meet up often, well cause we're busy with our own lives- which is sad. I love hanging out with them, I actually miss them. We used to be sooo close when we were younger. But it's alright, at least we still have a bond together :D

It was a really great dinner. We laughed and talk a lot. One of my cousin, Joanne is getting married! Wedding's on December. Yayyyy! So excited for her :) She's my 2nd cousin in my family- both mum and dad's side- that's getting married. Plus, she's around 3 months pregnant. Ohmygosh, I'm gonna be an aunt! :D

The fat boy, Hansen :D

Candid, but well, I like my hair that day hehhhh *vain moment*

A picture of us, after dinner :D

Look at Hansen in the middle. SOOOOO CUTEEEE <3

The girlsss :) My bro's photography skill isn't that great haha.

The closest I can get for a photo with my brother :P

The "Chin" family :) We used to be neighbours, and it was so good growing up with them :)

We just ended our night talking and all then we had to go home since it was a Monday the next day. But well, I had a really good time catching up with them :D