Sunday, December 28, 2014


It's been such a great 2014. I have quite a bad memory so I can't really recall everything that I did or accomplished this year but one thing for sure is that, 2014 has been amazing.

I wanted to go through my blog to see what I've been up to the whole 2014 but sadly, I realized that I have not been as active as I wished to be. Oops. So I'll sum up my year with the help of my calender and photos hehe :)

Had my first ever surprise this year on my birthday, thanks to my boyfriend and my amazing ohana <3 Despite him having fever, he still spent my birthday with me. After my surprise, we surprised Denyse back since it's her birthday too.

The next day was Yivon's birthday but I couldn't make it because it was my cousin sister's, Joanne wedding dinner. It was a great dinner and I was really happy for them. They are made for each other and I pray that their love will last forever :)

January 5th is Ai-Vee's birthday and Ben planned a surprise for her at her house. It was really fun and the turn up was great! I basically forgot everything else that happened in January hehe so I'm going to move on.

I think I was quite busy this month trying to get my final presentation done for my Semester 3. It was a daycare project and my concept was from Lego :)

It was this month when I sent off two my best friends, Ai-Vee and Ben. Couldn't contain my tears and started crying at the airport after seeing her and my other friends cry :'( Well, at least Melbourne isn't that far, hehe.

I started working at Uniqlo as well and it was a really fun experience especially since I was on the sales floor instead of the store room. Made a lot of new friends and learned many new things. Really glad to be able to learn so much, in such a short amount of time.

Celebrated Penny's 19th birthday as well with the girls at Souled Out, Ampang :) It was a really great dinner catching up with my girls and celebrating the beautiful Penny.

Had a reunion with the DIC people at The Good Batch and then coffee at Grumpy Cyclist. We don't really get to meet much but I'm still grateful to have crossed path. It's always good seeing them again and doing silly things together.

It's also Delon's birthday in April :) Brought him out for Japanese buffet. It was just a really chill day for us, we walked around Sunway Pyramid, went to Garage 51 then had dinner with a really pretty view. The night didn't end there! Had dimsum at 3am with Cheng Yun and Sim, and that was how I started hanging out with Cheng Yun and the others.

Met up with half of the Ohana at Uncle Jang :) Uncle Jang wasn't really my kind of thing but I just enjoy the company of my high school friends. Irreplaceable people hehe <3

 April is Delon and my anniversary hehe. We actually didn't do much this year, he had his exams and I was busy with my mid terms. But wow, 2 years passed really fast!

The next day was mum's 50th birthday. We went for a meal at a Japanese restaurant in a hotel. The food was not bad. I remember, I almost trip while walking down the stairs. Typical clumsy me.

June was an eventful one.Celebrated my best friend's birthday, Su Vien with the girls at Bangsar with waffles and ice-cream!

I finally got to visit Sekinchan too with my parents. It was reaaaally hot but it was so picturesque. It was a fun day for me and my parents. Went to the market, then the paddy field and had lunch at Kuala Selangor. 

A month late for our 2nd anniversary celebration but Delon and I went on a date in Aquaria. I remember I had class in the morning, and Delon picked me up from college but he went to the music department instead of the design department, haha :P It was fun, looking at fishes and being silly with him.

Had my semester break in July and my college mates and I flew to Langkawi. Boy, I think Langkawi is cursed with dramas between friendship! It was a crazy 4 days trip for us! Looking back at it now, it's quite funny but when it happened, wow, it was like we were being filmed for a movie. But, it was still a memorable trip with them.

Cheng Yun, Wei Jing and I then went to Tanjung Sepat to find our friend, Delon Chan for lunch. Adventurous bunch they are! We had shark meat curry (which I thought it was just alright) then walked around the "lovers bridge". Being spontaneous as always, we then drove to Port Dickson and went to the beach. The boys played a bit of football while Jing and I chilled then we went for ais-kacang and go-kart. What a day!

Went on a road trip with the Ohana. We went to Sepang and had a barbecue picnic. I had a really great time with them and we laughed so much! Really wished Ai-Vee, Hui Wen, Ben and John could have joined too though.

Denyse planned a triple date hike up to Broga Hills. Yivon was supposed to join but Vincent's toe was infected so they couldn't make it. It was still a really fun and tiring experience. We met up at 5am to catch the sunrise but little did we know that we can't see the sun rise from Broga Hills. It was still a great hike :)

Thank God I was still in my semester break because I then went to Ipoh with my favourite couple friends hehe, Cheng Yun and Natelyn :) Had a 3 days and 2 nights stay in Ipoh and I fell in love with Ipoh. It's such a quiet yet vibrant city! One thing though, I wished I had their dim sum haha.

I started my internship on the 18th August, if I'm not mistaken. Working life is so different and tiring! I wish I could get money just from studying instead of working hehe. But I still learned a lot during my 4 months of internship. Gain so many new experience and made many new friends along the way. The picture below is one of my favourite road that I will pass by every afternoon when during my internship program. I really love the trees. 

One thing that became quite frequent for us Ohana is sleepoverrrr! The first one was really spontaneous and unprepared because we just went over to hang out and swim. But it was also one of the best night of my life with them :) 

Went to Seremban with Delon, Cheng Yun and Natelyn to visit Chester and Joey. It was a really fun day! We kind of played monopoly deal the whole day :P And I lost in every game #badluckjessie
Nothing much happened in October as I was busy with work.

Yayyyy! The long awaited plan to Sunway Lagoon! The triple date gang went for a day trip in Sunway Lagoon and it was so much fun! One thing I regretted was, I chicken out in the Scream Park haunted house. I think I was too anxious and I couldn't control myself. But well, scary things aren't my cup of tea. The rides were all really fun too, except the ATV ride which was kind of a waste of time :P OH! Our day didn't just end at Sunway, we went for a karaoke session too. I lost my voice the next day.

Guess who's back! Wong Ai-Vee <3 I love December, I love the festive spirit and I love that my friends will be back to Malaysia. Had a catch up session with my best friend, Ai-Vee and Su Vien. It was a really chilled hang out for us and ahh, I really miss that :)

I was really lucky this year because one of my friend, Eugene had free tickets to Urbanscapes and he gave it to me and Penny! Actually, we weren't planning on going but since it's free, why not ;) Though the venue this year couldn't live up to last year's, it was still good. Kuah Jenhan and his friends session was so eye-opening and North Bangsar was just... epic. The best part of Urbanscapes was Kimbra. She was amazing! One of the best performace I've ever watched. 

One of the highlight of my December is... NO MORE WORK! :) It was very bitter sweet. I was happy that I finally ended my internship but sad that I wouldn't be seeing these faces anymore. Honestly, I did enjoy working but on some days I just dread to go to work. But meeting them was really a blessing and I'm glad to have so many seniors and a supervisor that takes care of me.

Celebrated Christmas this year with Hui Wen and Li Qin. Then, decided to hang out at Hui Wen's house and called Jack and Khang as well. Not a lot of the Ohana was around for this year's Christmas but we still had a great time :)

Honestly, I feel like I've grown a lot this year. I've learned so much and changed throughout the year. It was during my working period that I have know I really am and what I'm striving for. There was a period of time, few months ago where I just realized who I am and what type of person I am. Maybe it's God giving me a message or I have matured. but I am really thankful for this year and everything I've been through. 

As much as I would not like to admit about being 20, but I think I'm kind of ready for it. A week until I'm officially twenty ;) I may be really crazy and nonsensical at times, but I think I'm ready to face being a young adult.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Delon's 19th

Haven't been blogging for a while; due to me being lazy and busy.

 So this year for Delon's birthday, we decided to try this Japanese buffet in a hotel.

It was quite of a chilled day for us, I picked him up in the morning and then went to Sunway Pyramid. We wanted to catch a movie, but the timing wasn't right. So instead, we just walked around.

Later, we decided to visit Luke at Garage51 since we were nearby. After that, we head to the hotel for the buffet dinner :)

One thing about this place was the view! It was really pretty and we got a decent seat. Hehe :)

One thing we both love: SASHIMI!

After we both finished our meal, we kind of just drove around town and got lost. I kind of wanted to kill time since Cheng Yun and Sim wanted to surprise Delon at 12am, on his actual birthday.

The surprise was successful, didn't really go as planned but Delon was still surprised. Later, we went for yumcha session and had dimsum. It was my first time being out until 4am but it was still a fun and spontaneous night. Hehe :D

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ai-Vee's Nineteen

Hi. Since I'm having my one week semester break, I will try to be more active and update my blog more often. I've been sooo lazy that I'm being so many post to post! Hopefully, I'll be able to bring everything back on track now ;)

So on the 5th January 2014, it's Ai-Vee's birthday. Ben planned a surprise party for her- we are the surprise. Hehe, we hid in her room while waiting for her and Ben to come back from their movie date.

Honestly, seeing her tear up because of this made me wanna cry too. But I'm glad we made her tear :P

Prepared balloons to fill her room.

While waiting for the birthday girl.

The princess of the day :P

A little out of focus picture of Li Qin and Penny.

The guys :) It was actually a really good turn up! Almost everyone went :D Ben did a great job bringing them there, including Lam!

Vee and Portia :D

Distorted face.

Dinnerrr! :D It was really good! Her mum is such a great cook.


Angry Penny :(

Hello Vi Vien :) Haven't seen her for monthsss! This was probably the last time I saw her, but, I'm seeing her this Friday! Yayss <3

Through the glass.

My girlssss <3

Fabulous birthday girl!

Dorky boys, as usual.

Her super yum birthday cake! Red Velvet and pavlova <3

It was such a fun night with all these people <3

I miss you Wong Ai-Vee! Not sure if you'll see this, but I can't wait to see you again <3