Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Oh gosh, I cannot believe that I forgot to blog about this! But it's not too late. Hehe :D

On the 20th December 2013, Penny, Delon and I met up for painting. We wanted to try this splash painting and finally had the opportunity to make it work. So, we met up at Penny's house in the morning and went to the field nearby. I actually was sick that day but still, I wouldn't miss this for anything ;)

The material.

How we started out.

Adorable Penny <3

And how it ended up to be. We first started splashing the paint then somehow started using other medium to create something :)

Love the feeling of getting my hands dirty ;)

I like this picture :D

Penny, me and the pimple on my nose. Hohoho, I remember feeling like Rudolph since it was Christmas season.

The boyfriend and I with raincoats because we are cool like that ;)

Tadaaaaa our final outcome :D

After that, we went to Ikea for lunch since Penny haven't been there before. Drove them both to Ikea and had some really good food (meatballs, chicken wings, and salmon!) 

Hehehe playing around with some headgears at Ikea.

I think the mushroom one is super adorable!

That's all for our experiment and new experience :D Can't wait for more!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Joanne's Wedding + Catching Up With Hui Wen

On Christmas, I didn't get to celebrate it in church but I attended my cousin's wedding. She's the first on my dad's side to get married and everyone was so happy and excited for her!

This was what I wore :D I was one of the "jimui" so I was required to wear a red dress :D I found this dress at the very last minute; when I was at the verge of giving up looking for this dress. Haha, but thank God I found this dress because I think it's so pretty :) And it fits me perfectly! :D

Mindy and I :) She's sooooo tall and skinnyyy! Look, even in my wedges, she's still taller than me :o

Jeremy keeping his angpau well before opening the door for the groom :)

And here he comes! :D I think he look so adorable in bow tie. Ahhh, there's this thing with me and bow ties <3

Hehe, the fat cousin and my brother :D So cute.

Dai gu jie trying to hold back her tears. Hehe <3


Dad and Mindy.

Joanne, the groom and her parents :D She look so pretty that day.

The family :)

The lovely couple.

This picture is so good. I'm so happy for her and I can't wait to see my nephew ;)

The day after that, I met up with Hui Wen in a short yumcha session at Tous Les Jous with my two friends, Penny and Su Vien :)


We ordered, Tiramisu, chocolate cake and red velvet. I loved the red velvet. It was so good.


Ohmy, I am soooo chubby. I really got to exercise and lose some fats now. Haha :P

Hipster Penny ;)

Adorable Su Vien <3


Green tea latter, and apple juice.

Group shot :D So glad to have a catch up with Hui Wen. I really missed her. Can't believe she's going to fly off again. Urgh, now I can't wait for her to come back and have another catch up with this lady ;)

Hong Kong Day 4

On the fourth day in HK, my parents and I met up with my aunt :) First time meeting her since her family migrated to HK. She's such a friendly person! We met up with her in the morning and she brought us to her husband's brother's dim sum restaurant.

This is sooooo gooooood! Seriously the best charsiew I've ever eaten.

After breakfast, we headed over to a shopping mall near the airport (which is kind of like Pavillion) just to shelter ourselves for a while since the rain was quite heavy.

We then went to the cable car when the rain subside a little. It was still raining though and it's quite sad since the view was really foggy and misty. Plus, it was crazzzzzeeee cold. The coldest I've felt in Hong Kong.

One thing I love about cable car rides. The view <3

At the top of the cable car. Where everyone is with umbrellas and the view of the buddha is covered.

We actually climbed up the stairs to get a closer view of the statue but it was sooooo foggy! 90% of the time was covered with fog that we can't see anything. Plus, the wind was really strong so like once the wind blow the fog away, few seconds later the wind will blow back the fog again. Haha, but it's alright since I guess the experience was there :P

Cute doggies :D

Oh look at mah boots :D Bought them on the 3rd day. Hehe :P

After we got down, we went to a taufu fah shop and rested a while :D Saw this cute baby there. Soooo adorable!

Didn't really take much since it wasnt quite an eventful day. We went back to my aunt's house after this and then just had dinner. The day after day, we went to the airport in the morning to return to KL. That's about it for my trip to HK. I got lazy to blog somehow but well, I tried :P