Saturday, February 15, 2014

Penang trip (Day One)

I'm so stupid. I've actually typed everything and arranged all the photos but I forgot to "Save" it so now, it all gone!! :'( it's okay. I'll just type them again.

On the 28th December, the Ohanas went for a trip to Penang!! :) we planned it for months and finally, the day has come. We were all really excited for this trip and this might be the last one too, since everyone is going to study abroad.

So, we gathered at the Subang Airport on the Saturday morning :) Ai-Vee and Su Vien slept over at my place the day before since we had to leave early the next morning. We actually arrive at the airport quite early but almost missed our flight since we were late to check in. Funny story actually. Heh.

The girls at the airport 
*Li Qin and Jun Pun couldn't join us on the first day so they're not in any of the pictures for this post)
That picture was taken with Ben's magical camera. His camera makes our face look so smooth and the colour is really nice. That's why we said its magical.

Sat beside Su Vien on the plane :)

Our seats were directly at the wings. How attractive.

It was a short flight; about an hour I think. The adorable Penny and superstar Shen ;)

After we landed and settle our luggages and car rental, we went to Fort Cornwallis. 

The girls decided to take a car on our own since there were only 5 of us. I wanted to drive, thus, I was the driver. Hehehe. It's different you know, driving in Penang and in KL and I really wanted to experience how it was like. 

Parked our car and arrive at Fort Cornwallis :)

First groups shot of the day.

Mermaid Ai-Vee, returning after taking a picture for us from below ;)

Tadaaaa, entering Fort Cornwallis.

The dorks.

Aww, I love this picture so much. So adorable.

I bet their butts were burning ;)

While the others were busy looking at key chains and having their ice-cream, Penny and I decides to go on our own little adventure. It was just a few minutes cause the others caught up with us soon. Hehehe :3

Our feet :)


This is so funny. Khang was actually asking us why do we always pos whilst looking at another place. So we said that it's to look "cool" or like a "hipster". He manage to do well at it I think ;)

My girlssss. I love this shot. I forgot the story behind this but I love how they look so happy here :D

Richard's face here is so cute. Hehe. And the way Khang is sitting :P he was having really bad butt pimple.

The ever-so-beautiful Shen-Nii :) I really enjoyed shooting here in Penang

Jump shots!

Now with me inside hehe!

After walking around and discovering Fort Cornwallis, we went to Armenian Street for lunch.

Indian, Chinese, Malay and Shen-Nii.

We had lunch at Armenian House Cafe :) a little bit expensive but then again, it's a cafe.

Magazine cover ;)

Their table. 

Our table ;)

Fish eye really helped us a lot during this trip :3

After lunch, we went to our house. Our house was actually quite nice. And cosy too :) We didn't really do much on the first day, just chilled. We didn't want to exclude LQ and JP so we didn't plan a lot for the first day.

So yeah, we got back to the house, settle down and just relaxed (most of them slept). The girls got a room to ourselves. We actually just cramped into the room and our mattress was like blocking the door. So our door could only open in a limited degree. But it was fun :)

After chilling for a few hours, Penny, Ben, Khang and I went to a restaurant near our house and bought dinner back for them :) then, we went to a street market to something at Armenian Street.

We got ourselves coconuts drinks too. Ohhhh it was so refreshing after a long, hot day! :D

After that, we went home and talked, and laugh :)

*Picture from Ben's camera*
Ending with a picture of my flamingo because I really like this picture