Monday, March 31, 2014

Penang Day 3 and 4

On the third day of our Penang trip, we went to Kek Lok Si and Penang Hill.
The view at Kek Lok Si :)

Hello Henry.

The boys

I find this picture really cute. Hehehe

Gorgeous Shen :)

Kek Lok Si is known for this wishing ribbon where we write our wishes and hang it up.

Su Vien imitating Shen's pose hehe

This is such a cute picture of Henry!

Hipster sunnies ;)

We then went to have our lunch. Really good Assam Laksa!

After that, we went to Penang Hill. It was really near to Kek Lok Si :) but the weather was really hot. Hehe

Taking the tram up to the hill.

Such a beautiful view at Penang Hill :)

We got some ice creams!

Took a group photo. Informal... And then,

Informal! Hehe :P

After the trip to Penang hill, we went to Batu Ferrimghi.

Penny and I were in the same car that day :D

Our driver for the day, Jun Pun!


So pretty hehe

Henry's typical pose.

Khang mocking Henry hahaha!

I forgot what happened happened here, but it was hilarious

Then, all the guys started to imitate Henry's pose.

The girls <3

It then started raining, reaaaaally heavily. We went to The Ship for dinner. Treated Khang and Ben, since they were the mastermind behind the whole trip :)

On the last day, we were suppose to go for street art hunting. Kind of a fail because we had to rush to the airport. But we still manage to find a few.

Khang's reaction after Su Vien kicks him. Haha :P

We went to China House for lunch :) nice place.

Flamingoes <3

Technology. This was candid and it turned out so funny hehe!

So colour coordinated.

That's all! We left China House, and drove to the airport. That shadow was mine and Penny's and u have no idea why we did the 'three' sign.

I really had a great time in Penang. I'm not sure when we will be having a next trip again but I'm grateful that I ended my 2013 with Ohana :)