Friday, July 25, 2014

Delon's 19th

Haven't been blogging for a while; due to me being lazy and busy.

 So this year for Delon's birthday, we decided to try this Japanese buffet in a hotel.

It was quite of a chilled day for us, I picked him up in the morning and then went to Sunway Pyramid. We wanted to catch a movie, but the timing wasn't right. So instead, we just walked around.

Later, we decided to visit Luke at Garage51 since we were nearby. After that, we head to the hotel for the buffet dinner :)

One thing about this place was the view! It was really pretty and we got a decent seat. Hehe :)

One thing we both love: SASHIMI!

After we both finished our meal, we kind of just drove around town and got lost. I kind of wanted to kill time since Cheng Yun and Sim wanted to surprise Delon at 12am, on his actual birthday.

The surprise was successful, didn't really go as planned but Delon was still surprised. Later, we went for yumcha session and had dimsum. It was my first time being out until 4am but it was still a fun and spontaneous night. Hehe :D