Monday, January 26, 2015

The First Two Weeks of January 2015

January is one eventful month! It is as if it just passed in a blink of an eye. 2015 is definitely going to be a new and challenging year for me as I am entering the 20's :O I'm slowly embracing being a twenty year old. It isn't all that bad being a twenty year old, I'm still able to be crazy and immature ;)

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this before but I think the practical training last September has really taught me more than just being an Interior Designer. I've grown as a person and feel as if I have gotten to know myself better. Maybe it was God doing his thing, but I really a sudden realization on life. It's probably God telling me that I'm going to be 20! Hehe.

This year, I celebrated the new year with my favourite people; the high school buddies. We have been through the good and the bad together, all the ups and downs, yet we have still remain as good friends; supporting one another along the way. We had our countdown this year at Yivon's place and it was a crazy crazy night! So glad to be able to celebrate another year of friendship with them <3

My girls (+ Su Vien & Hui Wen)

It was then mine and Denyse's birthday and this year we had a joint celebration at Novi Jazz. We both decided to try out this place after seeing a few pictures of it on Vi Vien's instragram. Aside from the bad lighting and air-conditioning, it was still a nice place and we got the whole floor to ourselves too!

All the Ohana managed to turn up on that night- including Lam! It'd been soooo long since everyone was together. I felt really thankful and blessed that night :) After our dinner and photo-taking session, we all headed back to Denyse's place to countdown for Yivon's birthday. But, Yivon was stuck in a jam with Vincent so we had to record a video for her and send it to her via What's App instead when it reached 12am. Turns out, she didn't see it until she reached Denyse's place.

It was a night filled with laughter and it easily became one of the best night of my life :)

My flamingoes <3

January 5th is the birth of Wong Ai-Vee! The girls planned a sneaky little birthday surprise for our friend. We went into her room around 11am and woke her up from her beauty sleep ;) I would say it was a successful surprise after hearing her scream when she saw our faces.

After that, we went for lunch at Ippodu Ramen at Pavillion. It was quite good but really pricey. I think we made the money worth but staying in the restaurant for 3 hours plus reminiscing about our school life. We all couldn't stop laughing talking about all the crazy stupid things we did and how much we have changed.

We sent Vincent off on the 8th of January. He was the first one to leave this year and almost everyone made it to KLIA to send him off. It was funny yet heartbreaking seeing how clingy and sad Jun Pun was the whole time we were in the airport. 

Well, I think everyone was sad that Vincent was leaving so soon. But we were happy and excited for him too that he's starting a new adventure out there, that he's able to explore a new country and garner new experience. I'm praying that he will be surrounded by good people and positive influences :)

I honestly feel like as the years pass, we have grown so much closer and attached to each other- which is a good thing! But it also means that when they start leaving again one by one, I'll begin to feel alone again. It's okay, because at least I have friends all around the world. #ohanaforlife

 One of my favourite picture with the Ohana :)