Thursday, April 30, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015

Kind of abandoned my blog for a while now. But I think it's because my semester has started and I've became busy again. So, I'm just updating a little bit since my semester break is starting after tomorrow! Will be going to Kuantan and Redang wih the friends. Whoop whoop! So exciting! Can't wait to be surrounded with the warm breeze, clear ocean and soft sand again!

Back to CNY; typically, we spend our 2 day of CNY with the family at my mum's side. We will gaher at mty grandma's house in the morning and by noon, we will leave to my "yipo" house, 2nd aunt's and 3rd aunt's house. That's usually the routine. We will leave back home from my 3rd aunt's house and meet again for dinner later. Practically, we spend the whole day together :)

 My grandma, cousin Yen-Ee and I, My popo is so beautiful <3
She really is one of the loveliest and cutest person ever.

 With Rachael :) I only get to see her during CNY as she's working in Singapore.

 All the cousinsss! Without Melisa. I really miss her! Haven't seen her for about a year now. She better hurry back.

My happy family <3

So, later that night, we went to Golden Boat Restaurant for dinner. 

Finally a portrait of the "Chan" family. Missing a Melisa though but still <3

The "grown up" cousins ;)

After dinner, my brother, Benny, Jun Wen, Rachael, her boyfriend and I got together and played a very intense match of Taboo as we were all quite competitive.

Sadly, my "red" team lost. I think we were just on different wavelength lah haha. It was still really funny and exciting game.

I'm always excited for the 2nd day of CNY as I get to hang out with all my cousins and family. Until next year! Haha :P