Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Kuantan - Redang Trip (Day1 &2)

My college friends and I have been planning on a trip since the beginning of the year! At first, we planed to go to Johor and Singapore, but it was a little too costly. Then, it was Pulau Tioman but it didn't work out too since one of our friend was going to go there for a family trip. In the end, we decided on Pulau Redang!

It was a very good and relaxing trip; though some parts of it was like really "gan jeong". We started our journey on a Saturday morning, and by the time we reached Kuantan, it was around 1.30pm. We had chicken rice for lunch and then headed back to Jin Jie's house to freshen up. 

We decided to stay 2 days in Kuantan since Jia Liang wanted to hike the Rainbow Waterfall. It was one of my life goals too but I wanted to go with Penny since we said it since form 5. I guess that'll have to be some other time. So, the first day of Kuantan was quite quiet.

My road trip buddies! We laughed and talked all the way from KL to Kuantan that it made the journey seem so short!

After settling down in Jin Jie's place, we headed to the Mini Zoo. It was quite run down and dirty. But there were also many animals like, deer, bears, buffaloes, ostriches, etc. They do look quite dead and bored of life though, probably cause they spend their whole life in cages :(

Ahhhh, the beach! <3 We arrive at the beach around 5pm. Somehow the time in Kuantan pass really slow :P We hanged around the beach and just enjoy the breeze. It's been wayyy too long since I was near the ocean and waves. I was so excited!

I told Jia Liang that he look like he doesn't have a neck...

...so, this happened :P

Our first day wasn't very eventful. After the walk on the beach, we went for dinner at McDonalds (Yup, drove all the way to Kuantan and had McD for dinner) We were pretty much exhausted after that so we went home and rest since we had to wake up really early next morning- 3.30am to be exact- for the Rainbow waterfall.


When we woke up in the morning, it was raining and there were thunderstorm! All of us were quite sad about it but I felt God telling me to have hope and trust in the Lord. It was constantly in my head and I started praying. I prayed that He would stop the rain or even postpone it until we were done with the hike. I was positive that our God will stop the rain and when we reach Lembing, it will be dry and the weather will be alright for hiking.

So, we started our journey to Lembing at 4.30am and reached about 5.30am. During the journey, it was still raining and it seems to get heavier too. Honestly, we did not lose hope. By the time we reached Lembing, the rain stopped. I was soooo happy and thankful! We had a light breakfast at the restaurant nearby since our tour guide hasn't arrive yet. As we were eating, the rain started pouring again! It was really heavy. At this time, we were all quite sad as we thought we won't be able to hike or even see the rainbow. But still, I prayed and prayed, believing that God would favour me and stop this rain.

Miraculously, after a while the heavy downpour stopped! Praise the Lord. My friends said we were lucky, but I know it's God. He provided and favoured us with the weather :) Though because of the rain and clouds, we weren't able to catch the sunrise but, I'm still really glad to be able to witness this view at one of the stop.

The gang :) Look at the beautiful weather! Who can believe that a bout 10 minutes ago it was pouring with rain and thunderstorm! Whoop whoop! <3

Oh, we had to take a four-wheel drive to Rainbow Waterfall. It was a 1 hour plus jumpy and fun ride.

I think picture is really funny hehe. Jia Liang kept getting hit by the trees and branches, his reactions were really hilarious.

Our tour guide taking a toilet break. We just got down of the car to stretch as we were told that the roads in front were really bumpy and there were lots of uphills road.

Finally, we reached to the stop where we had to cross the river and start the hike. We were all weaing crocs cause it has better grip and we had to go through the river.

The river was beautiful! Even though the water is super cold and it's waist high!
The hike took us about an hour and it was quite an easy hike. It wasn't as challenging as Broga but it was fun.

Finally! After all the obstacles, we arrived at the waterfall. I was honestly more amazed by the beauty of the waterfall than the rainbow. When I was there, I was just so so thankful to God. Everything about that day was so amazing. I really felt God's presence and heard him. It was just incredible. I couldn't stop praising and thanking Him.

Yay, rainbow waterfall! :)

We sat around the rocks and had Maggi Cup for breakfast. We also had Milo. It was really fun and chilling just sitting by the waterfall listening to the water.

It was really amazing. Though there were quite a lot of people but I still enjoy the view. It is just so breathtaking

Parody of the Fast & Furious poster hehe.

We sat for about 2 hours and decided to head back down. Took this picture when we were coming down. Look at the waterfall! It was so beautiful. That whole journey was really a testimony by itself. I just can't describe it further. It was really amazing :)

The rest of the day, we just rested and napped until dinner. After dinner, we went to a cafe called Onederland. It was a fun night. We played board games and started goofing around. We made too much noise that the other tables actually "shush" us. But we were just having fun. We ended out night like that as we had to wake up early for our journey to Terrengganu.