Friday, June 19, 2015

Redang Bound!

Been meaning to blog about this for a while now.
After our 2days in Kuantan, we woke up around 4am and started our journey driving to the Terrengganu Jetty. It was quite a tiring drive as everyone only got about 3-4hours of sleep. I was awake the whole journey to keep Jin Jie awake. It was quite funny because if you know me well, I don't like quiet and a car ride without conversation, so I would always try to find something to talk about.

We reached the jetty around 7am and it was raining! We did not expect the rain at all. When we got onto the boat, the rain only got heavier. The whole ride was so bumpy and shaky; the worst and scariest boat ride ever. It was literally shaking from left to right because of the big waves. It was like this the whole 2 hours ride. Almost 75% of the people in the ferry were throwing up from seasick.

It only got worst when we were alomst reaching the island. We had to be transferred to another smaller boat to get closer to the shore. Let me tell you, the rain did not even subside but instead I think it was pouring really heavily. The process of us getting off the boat and boarding on the next one was horrifying. The waves were crazy and the boat kept shaking and moving away.

Finally, all of our friends were on board but we still had to wait for the rest of the people. It was an open aired boat and the rain kept pouring and we were all soaking wet. Imagine how cold we were; we were all shivering! 

When we finally reached the shore, we had to wait for a buggy to pick us up and send us to our resort. Ohmygosh, it really felt as if we were refugees or immigrants. Yes, it was that bad. We ran to our hotel room and settled down. We decided not to wash up but continue being under the rain. We went for lunch, provided by the resort. After that, we snorkelled!

Originally, the plans was that after arrival, they'll be a snorkelling trip but because of the rain, it was cancelled. So instead,we just rented the gears and snorkel around the ocean. It was still raining so the water wasn't very clear :(

The gang! Fearlessly walking through the rain and big waves ;)

After our snorkel, we went for a swim in the swimming pool. Since dinner was nearing and it was still raining, we didn't want to wash up and then get soaked again. So instead, we waiting in the swimming pool.

Taken with Olympus Superzoon 70G
We washed up after the dinner and rested in the room. We played cards in the room to kill time cause we decided to hunt for the blue sand that is supposedly famous in Redang at 11pm. We played a few card games and it became funny from the punishments; which is going to the room next to us and take a selfie with our friends sleeping :P It was seriously funnyyyy!

Then we walk all the way to the other side of the island in search of the blue sand. It took us around 1-2 hours to dig and actually found the blue sand. It was honestly really magical to me.


The next day, we woke up around 8am to have breakfast and got ready for our first snorkeling trip. We actually took a few pictures with Nina's iPhone inside the "waterproof" bag but water still manage to go in the bag and her phone was... dead :S It's okay, at least now she has a new phone :P

Group picture before we went on the boat :) It was a crazy experience getting up on the boat. We had to walk in the water until it reached our chest-level. Yes, we were swimming to the boat and the waves kept pushing us away. Those waves were big!

Taken with Olympus Superzoom 70G


A few of us woke up at dawn to catch the sunrise. The sun was blocked by the clouds on that day but the sky was still really gorgeous.

I cannot wait to be by the beach again. I miss it.

Group shot before leaving Redang! :)

This is probably our last trip with everyone together since we are graduating and all at different timing. Really thankful that this trip worked out. It was really fun and we did so many new things together!