Sunday, May 15, 2016


Collection of photos from the film camera :)

Sungai Lembing, catching the sunrise

Rainbow waterfall

Pulau Redang

Sunrise by Redang beach

Brighton beach

Princes pier

Tanks fish and chips! Yummmm

View from the Shrine of Rememberance

Brunch at Top Paddock

Met a very talented illustrated before NGV

Lighthouse at Capestown

Combine connect by the waterfall

Standing rocks, Sungai Lembing

Suspended bridge

Walking back to the capsule :)

Still one of my favorite town

Dinner on the last night

Jati reunion :)

Russel :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bring on May!

I still cannot believe that it's already 5 months into the year. How fast time flies :) we're almost into the second half of the year and so many things have already changed for me (radical acceleration they say)

So yeah, bring on May!

This is how we party!

Prayer Party

Usher the new year in church this year, Kingdomcity style! It was craaaaazy good. Everyone was so pumped up and the presence of God was so tangible.


On the second day of 2016, I had an early birthday dinner with all my buddies from church. Honestly wished it was a smaller crowd but... they all still meant so much to me. It was really hard for me to filter haha. I had Norman to help me organize the venue, and people. Really so thankful for him :)

It was a really special dinner for me because those are the people that I'm journeying with in life and celebrating that day with them just meant so much more. So, Chelsea and Kent picked me up (and they were very late) to Yellow Brick Road. When I arrived, everyone was already there. I was so overwhelmed because, well, I just don't like being put in the spotlight. But I embraced it- it was my birthday after all hehe :P

They (Howie) actually planned a game for us to play and they actually put together the whole night together for me. After dinner, a few of them went back to my place to just hang out. It was really nice :)

The next morning, I had brunch with the high school friends! I love how most of them are back during the end of the year and we get to meet up and celebrate the January babies birthday hehe :P

So, Denyse and I just thought it'll be nice to have lunch together on our birthdays. We went to Whup Whup and yup, Ai-Vee bought the huge '21' balloon for us. It's so pretty! And the balloon didn't go to waste! We recycled it until Ai-Vee's birthday.

Ahhhh, I love them to bits.

Love love love catch ups with them. Nothing ever changed,even if we haven't met for months! I guess that's the beauty of our friendship.

That night, my family and I went to the Thai Street place for dinner. After that, we went back and had cakeeeee! It was a really good 21st birthday celebration and I loved that I get to spend time all the people that means a lot to me. Yay! :)

Yivon's 21st

The first week of January is always the busiest for the Ohana because our birthdays fall a day after another. Which is really good and we get to see each other like everyday! So on the 4th, we had dinner for Yivon's birthday. I had to come late (about 8pm) because of work, but I'm so glad I still could make it.

She had her birthday at this fancy restaurant and everyone dressed so nicely- I felt under-dressed! But, who cares, the attention is on Yivon anyways.

Hi best friend <3 (missing Su Vien)

That night, I was wearing a shirt because I totally forgotten about to dress up for the dinner. So, I was one of the bros hehe cause all the other girls were wearing dresses.

That's all!