Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Been drawing on my iPad these few days, inspired by my good good Father :)

Today, we got back our results from the interim submission last week. Honestly,  I wasn't very happy with what I got, because I know that I can do much better (or I'm just giving myself quite a high expectation) But with that, I realized that my worth and value doesn't come from that number written on the paper. Yes, I still have to work hard and try my best. Yes, I have to give my all. But hey, my priority is still God and my health above any other- I've learned it the hard way.

So, yeah. It's just really comforting and reassuring to know how Jesus my life on His hands. This drawing is a reminder that He is my rock and my identity, at the end of the day, lies in Him.

Saturday, September 3, 2016


Taking a break from work to note down some thoughts here.

Honestly quite excited for the coming months of 2016. Most excited for Christmas! As September comes, and the year is slowly coming to an end, I cannot be more thankful for the now.

Just noticed the book that I was reading in the photo, 'Captivating', it's one of the best book I've ever read. It's so timely especially at that exact moment when I read it, transitioning into adulthood and really understanding the value that God has for women.This year is a year of growth and pushing boundaries to increase my capacity. But isn't it every year that's like that? We are always growing, whether we realize or not.

Looking forward for my trip back home this weekend!!