Sunday, February 24, 2013

Yo Mama.


And look, there's me :D
Hehe, went out the the two Viens yesterday :) It was SOOOO good to finally hang out with Vi Vien. I miss that woman so much. MY KINGGG <3

Walked around KLCC cause I needed to run some errands :) The ears of the bear made me look like Mickey Mouse somehow.

I love this picture somehow. Haha, I'm not bad of a photographer :P

The King of my heart, Vi Vien.

And the Flamingo buddy, Su Vien :) I realized,almost all of my post in this blog is with SV. Hehehe, it's not a bad thing :D

I'M GLOWING! I must be a vampire :P

Super cool screen which plays a key when we move. I think we must have looked like idiots dancing around it :3

Duck face :B

This is what you get if you're tall *smirks*


As usual, Su Vien photobombed. I got to say, she's getting better in it.

Playing with the Skittle light stick thingy which is really cool :D

Then, we walked around the KLCC Park. Ohmygosh, I LOVE that place. We must have a picnic there soon!

It was really funny how SV was so paranoid about her skirt flying up everytime it was windy.


It was super hard to get KLCC in the picture :( But well, this is good enough.

After we left KLCC, we visited Ai-Vee ;) We had to go through so many obstacle just for AV. BE THANKFUL :P

Blessed to have them in my life <3

Flamingos reunited

Had dinner and shopping with Ai-Vee and Su Vien on Friday :) Yay, the Flamingos are back together. Hehe :D

Our dresscode for the day was:STRIPES :D

And during dinner, BEN appeared :D It was soooo funny how he just popped in out of nowhere and frighten us all :'D

A Friday night well spent with my two best friends <3

And our feet says.. BYE :D

This is the closest Su Vien has ever gotten to Russel. So proud of you SV :P