Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hot Air Balloon Festival

It is the 5th Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta and I was able to join the fun this year with the boyfriend and friends! So blessed :D

Took the KLIA Transit from Bandar Tasik Selatan. It was quite fast to reach to Putrajaya and the seats were really comfy :)

On the train with Delon <3 Didn't manage to find the four seating ones to sit with Shen and Brandon, so had to sit separately. I wanted to sit on that cause it reminds me of Harry Potter. Hehe :P

After that, we took the bus to the event :D

The weather was soooooooo hot! It was really sunny too. I felt bad because Ben and Vee were waiting for us, and they got a headache because of the weather.

Their faces after seeing me because I was the one that was late. Hehe, sorry buddayyy :B

The closest we got with the Hot Air Balloon. We didn't get to see an actual balloon because we left early. It was wayyyy too hot. We decided to go to the arcade instead in the evening.

I really like Putrajaya :D The place and the scenery is really nice :)
This was taken before we played the Water Orb. We were in the hamster ball on water! So so fun :D And we were able to do it with 2 person too so, each couple had their own ball. Mine and Delon's were like trying to bump Vee and Ben's but it was SUPER hard to even stand on it! Really great experience rolling around and literally flying in the ball though.

Didn't manage to take picture of us in the ball. Hopefully we could find some on the internet for the event later.

After that, Vee and Ben went rock climbing :D

Oh, forgot to mention that it was a triple date. Hahaha but well, it was obvious :P

HAHA this is so funny! Photobomb level 1000000000 :P

Sad that due to Malaysian's weather, we couldnt really enjoy ourselves :( But still super thankful to be able to have festival like these :P

Album cover!!! :P

AHHHH I love this picture of themmmm <3 We were all just resting on the bridge and it somehow became like Vee and Ben's wedding photo shoot. Hehhh :P

The lady that took this picture for us was really sweet :) And this turned up nice too. hehe so YAY :D

Shining like a bright light bulb after Delon left :P But nah, I'm just kidding. Didn't really felt like a light bulb with them actually. HAHAHA :P

Ending this post with a kinda sad group photo of us with timer because somehow, no one was there to take a group picture for us when we're on te bridge. Well, this is enough :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

He's back!

Guess who's back?! :D
Hehe, yup. Delon Chan is back from National Service. So happy to finally have him back. Got to see him and spend time with him yesterday after a month. I made me realize how much I miss him. Didn't really take much pictures yesterday with him though.

I went to his church yesterday. It felt nice. It'd been sooo long since I last went church. I've been wanting to be part of a church community for so long. I hope I'll be able to start being more involve this year. It's even part of my 2013 resolution :) Hopefully I'm able to fulfill that. I don't want to be just a FAN of Jesus, I want to be a FOLLOWER. Something that made me ponder yesterday. The pastor asked us if we were a FAN or a FOLLOWER to Jesus and it's a really interesting question.
It made me want to be a level 10 FOLLOWER of Christ.

Yup, so after that we went to KLCC for the Edu Fair and an art exhibition. I loved the exhibition. It was the Art of Architecture and it was truly mind blowing :D So glad to have went :)

Oh, today's the 10th month <3 Yay, it's double digits now. Hahaha :P

Big Bad Wolf

This is a super late post. Went to BBW with AV, PW, VV and SV :) The sale was disappointing this time as it isn't that big and it was quite messy. But it was still fun to hang out with them :D

So thankful cause Vee offered to pick me up since I didn't have transport to her house :D

That's the panda Penny got for me from Australia. Yay! It's soooo soft and cute :B

It was soooo long since I last saw Penny! So glad to have the chance to spend time with that woman <3

Had dinner at Tenpanyaki (IDK how to spell that :O) Had beef noodles, ooohhh-so-good!
And then, we went Daiso :) Vee needed stuff to decorate her room with :)

AHHH I love this picture. It makes me happy everytime I look at it. WE ARE SO CUTEEE <3 Hehehe.