Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Art Expo 2013

Went to Art Expo 2013 with Penny Wong today! :D I'm so grateful to finally spend time with Penny again <3 I missed her so so so much. Maybe cause I've been so used to seeing and talking to her everyday in school last year that it makes me miss her so much.

Anyways, Art Expo this year was great! Really happy to fill my head with colours and inspiration again. There were many many art works that amazed me and really inspire me. Took pictures of some of my favourites :)

This looks cooler real life. It's like a wooden carving mixed with the painting on canvas. I have no idea how to explain it but it's really cool.

This is such an adorable piece. I love how the tree is so fluffy and the people circling around it :)

Cute faces. It's more of a relief sculpture than a painting.

I love the colours in this and how the animals and things around it formed a woman's face. It's gorgeous.

It is so hard to believe but this art piece is made out from dots of colours. The balance is so good.

Sky painting from Japannnn! I'm sorry but I'm too lazy to straighten this picture hahaha :P

This is so simple yet intriguing. The cracks on the wood is really interesting and beautifully formed.

I think I have a thing for flowers, colours and woman's faces. Hehe :P This is so prettyyyy. And the woman behind it gives such a mysterious yet calming feel into it.

This is amazing. It literally defies gravity and the theories of Physic! It is amazing how it can stand on it's own and the stability of it. Wow.

This is so mindblowing! Seriously. Believe it or not, this entire drawing on the canvas is done with ballpen. Like whaaaaaat! And this is a really huge piece. Imagine Penny and my reactions when we found out man. Truly amazing.

I really like this :)

Artistic Penny taking picture with her range finder :)

This is seriously... WOW. The paint looks so so real but, it is painted with acrylic. So awesome right?

I love this Adam and Eve's painting :)

More adorable series from the same artist.

Something about this that really draws me in. I'm not quite sure what, but it is very fascinating somehow :)

Digital art painting, which is absolutely beautiful.

I LOVE THIS. It makes me so happy looking at it!

This is my favourite! If I had the money, I would buy this and put in my house. There were four of these paintings of the series (including the one above) but this is my favourite! They look so adorable and happy singing and it really just makes me smile :) Ahhhh I want thisssss.

Penny and I taking selfies aside from analysing artworks hehe :P

Interesting sculpture :)

This is my favourite artwork of all. I think this will be my number one. I want it so badly.
It's so beautiful. It is splatter of paints and colours, making the city. It is genius! So brilliant and amazing. Everytime I look at it, it gives me something new. I wannnnnnnnt.

That's all from my Art Expo trip with Penny! :D After the exhibition, we wanted to watch a movie in Midvalley but sadly, it was sold out :( So instead, we had snowflake and then went back. I had such a great time with that woman. Till we meet again! <3

Monday, September 23, 2013

Adventures in Kuantan

Just got back from Kuantan on the 18th. It was a 6 days and 5 nights trip. It was supposed to be just 5 days but it was extended a day because we were all tired. Heh :3 But we stayed at Li Jin's house so we can stay as long as we want :P

It was a trip with mostly friends from our ID department, but CK joined too and he's from the Illustration department :) I'm really glad for this trip because I think we really bonded and gotten so so so much closer now. Compared to our last trip, it was very separated with boys and girls but this time, we mixed around. I think that helped us in becoming closer, which is good :)

Going to Kuantan, we sat in 2 cars. I was in Li Jin's car, with Vincent and Ivan. Kai Wen drove Jason's car since she is a more experienced driver and Jason just got his 'P' license.

Li Jin and I :) I really enjoy being with her. She's a very nice funny person. Heh

This is Kai Wen :D She's like a big sister. I'm so used to taking care of my friends whenever we're on a trip but this time, it's so different because I'm being taken cared of since I was the youngest :)

Ivan, Vincent and Kai Wen :)

Day 1:
We reached Kuantan and Li Jin's house around 2pm? Then, we rested and decided to look for food. We went to a park to have karipap but it was closed. So we just bought keropok, goreng pisang and nuggets and walked around.

Later, we went to the beaaaaaachhhhh! <3 My favourite place of all time!

I love the beach, and the beach in Kuantan is very clean. The water is clear and the sky is so blue. It was just beautiful.

Ivan loves the water and he is always scared of getting his pants wet. So, he would fold them up really high up and it's very funny to see his long, sexy legs. Hahaha :P

Then, we bought a kite! Yay, we flew kites and walked along the sand. It's so amazing how good Ivan can fly kite. He was saying that he is the 'kite-flying king' and we didn't believe him. He was indeed an awesome kite flyer hahaha. It wasn't easy at all, flying kites but it was fun :)

Vincent was really good in flying kite too. They are so good in controlling the wind and kite and everything. So amazing.

Li Jin amazed at how high the kite is. Well actually, she was just acting. Hehe

The real kite flyer king :P So many pattern.

Showing me too much loveeee :3

Li Jin being cuckoo :P I have a feeling that the beach has a thing to make us all crazy ;)

Oh, I forgot to mentioned that it was super super windy! Like crazy windy. My hat flew off my head, literally!

Kai Wen and Li Jin reacting Titanic ;)

Day 2:
Woke up at 6am to go to the beach and watch the sun rise. It was one of the most amazing and beautiful moments I've ever experienced. It's so beautiful. When I went to the beach, it was around 6.30am and it was still dark. Because it was still dark, I've decided to look up and ohmygosh, it was the most amazing sight ever! The amount of stars in the sky was.... :O Speechless. I can even take a photo of the beautiful sky! It's just... gorgeous <3 I wish I could see stars like these everyday.

The sky moments before the sun rise :) I love the tones of colours! The blend of colours are so breathtaking <3

Then, the sky got a little brighter but the sun wasn't up yet. So we waited and just be in awe by the beauty :)

During the sunrise, I found out that a cloud was blocking the sun. Wasn't able to view the entire egg-yolk sun but it was still pretty :D

I love how the sun was reflected by the ocean and it's beautiful how the water brings out the colours from the sky.

Then, we took jump shots with our silhouette! :D So much fun hehe <3

I think this is such an adorable picture because it looks as if they are sitting on the water :'D

In the afternoon, we went to the safari park :D

Jason being an Asian photographer. This is really such a funny picture hahaha :P

Ivan being.... Ivan

Our "formal" class photos hehe :P

Waiting for our tour in the safari :D

Meet my frienddd! Hehe, I think he's adorable!

It's so funny because the python was strangling Ivan and he turned RED. Thank goodness he's still alive heh. 

Formal class photo, with the rebel, Jason.

Day 3:
Woke up at 4.30am to climb up the Panorama Hill at Sungai Lembing. The view was magnificent! I must say, it was the most beautiful view I've ever witness. I was in absolute awe. Gorgeous.

We waited very long for the sunrise, butttt... the sun was nowhere to be found :( It's alright because it's still beautiful though it was packed with people.

I love being on top of the hill. It makes me feel as if I'm on top of the cloud <3

We then went to the hanging bridge. Oh boy, that was super scary. There was this uncle that was making the whole bridge swayed. It was literally swaying in 180 degree. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating but it was super scary! I was like stuck in the middle of the bridge and couldn't move my feet at all. I was shaking so much. But, I still managed to go through the bridge. 

Over on the other side of the bridge :)

Walking back to the car, it was so tiring because it was so far away. Then the boys got really lazy and started to piggy back. Heh :P

We got home about 10am and rested. They were all tired so they slept but I didn't. I went downstairs and watched tv. We didn't have plans for the rest of the day but at night, we have a barbecue party! So, we have the day free until night. They napped until about 2pm and we went for lunch. I have no idea how we still have the energy but we went to Mcdonald and somehow ended up on the beach. We bought bubbles and started playing with them :D

I also flew a kite! Hehehe! It was hard, honestly because the wind was really strong.

At night, we had a barbecue partyyyy!

Day 4: Left to Gambang Water Park at around 9.30am. Before that, we went for breakfast at Lembing Stand, for Lembing noodles. It's really good. 
The water park was crazy fun! So much fun playing in the water with the buddies. We were just throwing people off the float and going against the waves. It was fun! But we were all sunburned because of the hours we were under the sun.

We didn't have many pictures that day because we were all in the water so I actually secretly took pictures of us that was taken by the photographer in the water park. Heh :P

Day 5: 
This day was added in spontaneously because we were super tired. So many activities and we used crazy a lot of muscles, haha :P But thank goodness we were staying in our friend's house so adding extended nights are super convenient. Today, we decided to go to the beaaaach :) The boys somehow fell in love with the beach as well, so we planned to play on the beach today. And, it was a day when we didn't have to wake up with an alarm clock. So, we get to rest as much as we want and wake up anytime :B

It was funny because, Kai Wen, Vincent and I woke up early and the others were still sleeping. We were really hungry so we took Jason's car and went for breakfast. It's really funny because we kind of stole his car :P Well, he was still sleeping!

Then, about 5pm we went to the beach! :D

Sunnies gang :B

Opps, plus Li Jin :)

We were crazy on the beach. Playing monkeys and tossing each other in the water. This was by way the craziest times I had on the beach. Later, we went for dinner in a western restaurant. I love western food, heh :3 Let alone when it's freeee :D Li Jin's father decided to treat us, so yay.

Li Jin showing off her new watch :P We bought it for her as her birthday present :) I'm so happy she likes it. Hehe

Ivan is so funny. We actually shine the lights as reflection on the knife, since we asked for it. He's trying to look freaky. Haha, funny guy.

My chicken chop!!!! Nothing can go wrong with chicken chop. So goodssss.

So much love here hehe :P

It was a really good trip. I had so much fun, every single day when I was in Kuantan. I love Kuantan :3 So glad for this trip and how we have gotten so much closer :)