2016; A Year of Discovery - Part I

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I guess it's only necessary to do a reflection for 2016 before ushering in 2017.

In summary, I would say that 2016, for me, has been one of the most challenging but at the same time, a year with the most growth. This year, I had the opportunity to be more independent, and discover myself and God in a deeper and more intimate way. I remembered, as I am typing this, in the beginning of 2016, a friend of mine prophesied over me on how this year will be a year where I step into adulthood, a year where even when I face challenges I will still carry that smile on my face with confidence that God is fighting my battles with me- hence, a year of discovery.

Putting up some of my 2016 adventures, from March! Just because I am a very sentimental person and I love going back in memories.

First proper camping! This trip was really significant. I just quite my job- that honestly felt like I was working for 10 years! And it was the beginning of rediscovery and reconnecting with myself.

Juneeee <3 One of my most favourite person. This year, I got to journey with her and it's an honour to have learned so much from her.

Suann! Our friendship is something I really treasure and this woman is a gem. She is so special <3

Got to hike to a few waterfalls this year too! Definitely one thing I love about my country!

Steamboat for Mother's Day. This was so much fun and I love that as a family, we are doing a little more things together now and being more intentional :)

During Howie's birthday weekend, we went to Cameron Highland. It was a very refreshing and relaxing trip. Everything was really God's intervention. It was magical.

Mummy's birthday this year :) Baked her a cake, even though it was a little bit unsuccessful haha, but I'm glad it kind of managed to look and taste decent.

Something really significant yet magical that happened this year was that God gave me Howie, as cheesy as it sounds, he really is the man of my dreams. The more I know him and his heart, the more I dwell in the reality of how God answers your prayer and grants your desires. Having Howie on this journey of life with me is definitely one of the highlight this year. We both have grown so much. Our relationship has been stretching, there're arguments and disagreements, but it really does make us stronger :) Posting the picture of flowers because this man loves buying me flowers and surprising me with them. And he knows that I love them hehe

One of the most spontaneous and YOLO thing I've done this year; waking up at 5am, drive to Kuantan, hike up to a waterfall, went to Balok to surprise June and had lunch with them, head back to KL. All in the span of one day!

My big sis/ mentor got MARRIED!! It is so evident that God is the author of their story <3

Love going on adventures and exploring the world with this one :)

This is one of my most favourite day, Howie lied to me and told me that we were going on a 'date' and made me wear a dress and a blindfold. Honestly, I was loving it because I love surprises haha. Our 'date' turned out to be a farewell dinner for me before heading to Singapore. Penny made me a book filled with words and pictures from almost everyone, and it made me cry. It made me realised how much I'm going to miss home and how much I value each of them in my life.

Continuing part II with a lot of pictures in Singapore!

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