2016; A Year of Discovery - Part II

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The first week of January 2017 has passed, that's quick. Thought I should get this post done before I procrastinate any longer. Continuing from Part I. This part of 2016 journey is mostly Singapore, and also flying back and forth Singapore-Malaysia. Honestly a very tough transition for me though it's literally a one hour flight away, but now, I can say that I have found home in this cities :)

First trip down to Singapore, officially moved here on the 16th July 2016.

Thankful for my parents <3 The first week of Singapore was a rather fun one, got to settle down with my parents' help and then with Howie as he show me around Singapore and help me get some errands done.

We explored many different places in Singapore. Art Science Museum, Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Ion Orchard Sky Deck, etc.

After my parents and Howie left, I'm pretty sure I've written about how homesick I was. Hahah, thank God I am better now. Still miss home but I definitely have learned to be more independent. I remember taking the picture above while walking back from class one day. I was feeling horribly homesick but I looked up and was smitten by the sky. God knows how to comfort me :) It reminded me again that I'm not alone and it honestly made me feel better hehe

Through this journey, I learned how to love my own company and enjoy solitude. I've learned more about myself and just being in God's and my own presence. I started exploring places alone, it was hard even stepping out of the house at first. I didn't want to go out because I've always wanted company or just want to explore with Howie, but I've learned to find joy in going out alone. I went to museums, libraries and even taking random bus/train rides to see where it leads me to.

At the end of August, my 95 girls came to Singapore!! Our long awaited USS trip has finally come. It was a short 3 days but it was one of the best weekend. We went to USS, Red Hill for avocado shake (which was THE BOMB), Tiong Bahru and also got to attend church service together. I loved that I got to spend the whole week with Nia too, we literally saw each other every single day. Thank God I didn't get sick of her face.

One of my trip back home to KL <3 Pan Mee will forever be my comfort food.

Singapore definitely helped me to be a little fitter, as I'm walking more. I've always liked walking, and walks back to my HDB is always really nice and peaceful. But now that I found out there's a direct bus that stops right at where I stay, I've been getting a little lazier hehe

My view from where I sit, but now it's blocked by papers that is pasted on the glass.

The friends I've made :)

Some nights we need to stay in studio just a little later. I don't mind working in the studio, as I'm typing this, I have my earphones plugged in and just enjoying doing work in my own bubble. It's nice to have people around other than me staying in my own room, which gets quite lonely and boring.

Bus stop shadows beauty :)

I love that I get to be walking (although I miss my car sometimes), and enjoy the breeze and the masterpiece in the sky.

Fav fav <3 This boy never fail to surprise me.

One thing I absolutely love about Singapore is the art scene.

Jen, Jessie & Jose.

Skyping with the Flamingos <3 Love them.

I attended many weddings this year, and one of it is Rachael's wedding. Second one of the cousins in my mum's side of the family!

Got to bring Yvette, KL and Brian around too with Evan when they were over.

Ivory and Caleb weds!!!! She is such a beautiful bride.

First time rock climbing. Finally. I absolutely loved it.

Came back to KL for this one's graduation. 2 graduations in two week! Mega proud of him, his degree life was a tough one but God is good :)

This year, I got to work alongside these people in church. It was challenging but definitely a whole lot of fun.

Thankful and so proud of Howie! :)

A view that I have the privilege to admire as I fly back and forth Singapore - KL.

Here's to 2017.

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