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This has been sitting in my draft for the longest time. I've been meaning to pen down my thoughts and reflections but, procrastination always wins.

Resilience //
I believe God gave me this word to prepare me for the season that was to come. I didn't fully understand it at first because I couldn't comprehend the meaning behind it. Now that I just finish my second year in Degree, I thank God for resilience- not mine, but through God's grace. Who would have imagine this year passed so fast. I am done with my first year in Lasalle, and it felt as though it was yesterday when I just left the comfort of my home to embark on this character-training journey. I cannot remember myself a year ago honestly. I can safely say that I have grown :)

That season, taught me so many things. I've experienced and went through so many emotional ups and downs. I'm not the best at controlling my emotions, I would say but it was a learning curve. I've learnt to not let the emotions get the best of me and I am still learning. I have learned that God will always be the one to comfort my heart. Yes, I have great friends, parents that loves me so much and an amazing boyfriend but, our Father in Heaven is the only one that just... knows. He's there when my heart felt like an anchor thrown into the ocean, He's real.

This year has challenged my creative skills like never before. It has always been my weakest point and it still feels like it. I've always been a more practical and technical person as compared to creativity. But the people here in Lasalle, they're the complete opposite. They are idealist, dreamers and their creativity and imagination goes beyond what I have ever seen in my experience in this industry. It doesn't help when every single one in my class are so competitive. I cannot even keep up. It always feel like I'm falling behind and I'm not good enough. I'm always struggling with pushing myself more, pushing the boundaries and dream bigger. Though year 2 ended and I think I did fairly okay, considering I completed what I need to, but in terms of creativity, I could have done so much more. I gave it my all, but I feel like I still have so much more to offer.

Now, I'm just in a confused state and season. I think it's the transition. But I'll figure out soon :)

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