Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ohana means family

Yesterday, the "Ohana"s met up for dinner! I am so so grateful for the almost-full attendance. I actually didn't expect so many of them to turn up! I thought it was only SV, Jack, Richard, Khang, Vee, Ben, Shen and Kai Sheng. BUT, the others came too! I'm just really really happy to finally see all of us gather again <3 It has been wayyyy too long since I've seen so many of their faces.

I think it's Ampang's charm. We had korean BBQ and they all could make it hehe, thought Yivon and Vincent came afterwards, but still! They came :D What freaked me out was that John got lost on the way here and his phone died. We were so so so worried! But thank God, he's safe and we manage to meet up with him too :)

Su Vien and Penny <3 I'm so happy to be able to see Penny! I've really really missed her! Like crazy miss her hahaha not in a lesbo way. But we have gotten so close when we were classmates. I really wish we could still be as close. Well, I'm glad we're still friends hehe <3

Li Qin and Shen-Nii! Oh yay! Finally seeing Shen! And being able to catch up with her <3

Jun Pun, Henry, Richard :D

FOOOOOD <3 We had beef + pork, ahhhh so goooood! I really appreciate AV, LQ and Shen for cooking and cutting the meat hehe <3

My girlssss minus Yivon cause she hasn't arrive yet.

Group photo in the restaurant :D Just notice the finger on the bottom left. Oh well, at least it isn't covering any of our faces.

Hello Pennyyyy! Penny is so pretty in this picture. Actually no, she isn't pretty in just this picture. She is pretty both inside out. Ahhh, she's so amazing <3

And Ai-Veeeeee! <3 Seeing her smile like this makes me so happy somehow. She look so happy smiling with teeth hehe :D

My darling, Li Qin :D Man, I really miss her and laughing like crazy with her. Seeing them really makes me miss school.

Pretty Shen-Nii! She's getting so pretty as day goes by hehe <3

I didn't get a solo shot of SV. She was probably busy at the corner with Ben and Khang.

LOOK AT YUN KHANG OHMYGOSH. He's so cute <3 and Kai Shenggggg! Just realize that I did not talk to him at all yesterday :( Too many people and we weren't sitting together.

The girlsssss <3 I love this picture! I think they all look so pretty here <3

Then, we went Caffeinees :D After we found John, of course.


I just got to upload this because of SV's face. I mean, LOOK AT HER! HAHAH. Sorry Su Vien, I think you're so adorable <3 I love you

We just talk, and laugh and talk for the whole night. It was so good being able to see them <3 I really missed them. I love my "Ohana"s :) Can't wait for our trip end of the year! Hopefully everything works out well!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

It is by chance we met, by choice we became friends

And I made the smartest choice by being friends with the awesomest friends ever. Mah Flamingo <3

HELLO SU VIEN :D Welcome back!
We've missed you!

The Flamingoes finally had our flamin-ting. We haven't be able to catch up quite often lately because of college, assignments and Su Vien went on a vacation to USA! So awesome! And she's back and we finally managed to grab dinner, talk and shop. I missed them sooooooo much and I am so happy to be able to see their faces again <3

Our souvenirs from USA! :D She got us chocolates and bracelets from Canada. The bracelet is so pretty. Oh, she got earrings for us too! I think I'm going to start wearing earrings again. Hehe :)

Oh, our theme today was WHITE :) And coincidentally, we were in lace too. So, it became white and lace. It's so cool how our telepathic mind connected subconsciously.

Ai-Vee became an angel on that day cause she was all white! Except her shoes. She took this theme thing too seriously.

And here, we have these silly monkeys being tourist :3

We then went to H&M cause Ai-Vee wanted to look for a top. We couldn't find it so we went around shopping instead. I had so much fun being idiots with them :P

I bought this green jumper! It's so comfy <3 I love it! I love jumpers hehehe

Su Vien's sexy bodayyy!
It's so funny how we kind of harassed her by taking pictures of her buttocks.

"I can see youuuu!" -Ai-Vee

The twins, and I :3

I LOVE THISSSS <3 Too bad SV isn't in this picture.
We did a video wishing the form 5s luck for their upcoming trials and SPM :3 It was soooo funny. AV and I probably look like idiots.

Then, we went for crepe! Oh gosh crepes are so good! Crepes are like the best thing ever! Haha, fell in love with them after having one in Japan. And having crepes reminds me of Japan <3

That's about it! It's always good to be able to spend time with them :) All in all, it was a great Saturday! Oh, I spent my Saturday afternoon with Delon too <3 Yayyy!

Can't wait for another flamin-ting and we need a flamin-ting plus one!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Little adventure in Ikea

Had a mini adventure with the buddies, Vi Vien and Ai-Vee :D We finally managed to hang out! Yay!

Went to Ikea for lunch and it was my first time ever dining in their restaurant and I have to say, it is the best thing ever! It is so good! Everything is good :3

I mean, just LOOK AT THEMMM <3

Then, we just hang around Ikea and took silly pictures :P

All in all, it was a good day :) Glad to be able to catch up with them