Friday, November 29, 2013

Urbanscapes (Day two)

It's Friday now, so it has been a week since Urbanscapes! I really want to relive all those moment. It was wayyy to fun <3

Day 2, all in all I think it was better than day 1. Probably cause it wasn't as rushed as day 1. We reached a little earlier that day so we managed to hang around :)

Delon with Shireen's pink shades and cap.

My favourite kiddo, Shireen :D

Brother from another mother, Eugene!

I brought my tripod that day, so we were able to take group shots yay! I love this shot of us on the Urbanscapes sign :D

A super hot day! And look, I got a free fan. Thank God for that :)
But the weather wasn't as bad as Saturday's. It was a little cloudy and breezy. It looked like it was going to rain but I thank God for the great weather. Not just on Sunday, but on Saturday too.

Then, since we had no event until 6pm for Efterklang, we found a really nice place. A hilltop <3 It was absolutely beautiful!!! The grass, the sky and the barn-like fence. It was just a place I have never imagine Malaysia has :D
So, of couse, we took pictures. And yay for my tripod! So happy for my decision to bring my tripod hehe.

The friends <3

Shireen and I. We actually just sat and enjoyed the view and just talked. It was really fun :)

Hipsters. I really like how this picture turned out <3

A decent picture of the boyfriend and I. Finally! We never really have like a nice picture taken together. Most of it is selfies. Hehe :P

Model 101.
Well, this is why I had rashes. We all had rashes the day after that from laying on the grass haha. I think it's worth it ;)

Super adorbs door! Love love love the fence :D

Hehe <3

Soooooo blessed to have them to spent my best weekend ever with :)

Kiddo boyfriend :)

We actually have crazy many series of this. We were just playing around looking right, left, up and down. It was so funny.

Jump shot with my Biswas.

Hello friendsssss. Mr. Kwan and Shiiiii-reeeeeen :P I miss them :3

Plates Pavilion. I was kind of disappointed because I didn't get to see/meet Hong Yi. One of the main reason for me to want to attend Urbanscapes was to meet her in person. She's such an inspiration. But well, at least her artwork was there and it was impressive! The meaning behind it is really good too.

The outcome from day one's hand print :) Can't find my hand print hahah but it's okay, it's still nice :D

The contributors of this piece of art ;)

Yes, totally the best chill out place. Why? Because it was fully air conditioned! Plus, plug points to charge the phone.

Then, after walking around and all, finally it was 6pm and it was time for Efterklang! They were seriously good. Like seriously. Hahaha.

Another highlight of Urbanscapes was the magnificient sunset. I mean, look! <3

We went up to the hilltop again to view the sunset and then had dinner. We waited until 9.30pm for Franz Ferdinand and had like a lot of time to kill so we lied on the grass and relaxed (yes, rashes) Hahaha, it was sad that TTDC cancelled their show :( But it's alright, Franz Ferdinand made it all up! It was the bomb!!

*Just realized that I didn't take a proper shot during the performance* Oh well :)

Urbanscapes 2013 for me, was so much better than last year's. Maybe because I couldn't enjoy it fully since it was during SPM but I'm glad I have this year to make it up. Plus, I get to spend it with my boyfriend and the friends :D I really loved Urbanscapes, seriously the best weekend ever :D Can't wait for 2014!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Urbanscapes 2013 (Day 1)

Urbanscapes 2013!
Can't believe it's over. It happened wayyy to fast :O Urbanscapes this year was held on the 23rd and 24th of November at MAEPS. The venue is beautiful! I love the greeneries and slopes and barn-like fence. I hope they have it there again next year. It's seriously the most beautiful place I've ever been in Malaysia.

The place was also really well and creatively decorated! I love every single part of it; from the booths to the stages and everything :)

I'm actually truly thankful for the weather. Although it was scorching hot, but I am thankful it didn't rain. I am also really grateful for my company :D Delon, Shireen and Eugene!

The clear blue sky :)

Sitting on a chair made of plastic bottle :)
Shireeen hasn't arrive yet, so it was just Delon, Eugene and I.

FOOD :D Food was super overpriced there :'(

The childhood buddies :)

The "Markets of Experience"
It was seriously huge and we couldn't explore everything in just one day. Plus, we reached around 4.30 and we wanted to catch shows. So it's hard to balance both. But since we have the next day as well, chill lah :P

Vain boyfriend.

Happy Delon. We watched Moist performed in the Next Stage and after their set, they gave out their album and Delon got it. He even got their autographs :) Plus, he look really good here <3

Really creative this. We were suppose to flag our origin :D

The friends with San Francisco coffee! One thing I absolutely love about their coffee is that they always have this buy one free one thing. Hehe, being a typical Malaysian, of course we like free stuff :D 

Iced Mocha, perfect for a hot day!

Hsulyn! My inspiration <3 She sings so well, she draws, she's so pretty and ahhhh she's just so <3 <3 <3
I really admire her. Eventhough we go to the same church, it's sad that I've never really seen her or go up to her and say hi. She's absolutely lovely :) I really love her and her husband, Sam. Both of them are just perfect <3

The photographers: Eugene and Shireen :D

One thing I love about the place was the amazingly beautiful sunset. It was just breathtaking <3

And after the sunset is the night where beautiful lights light up the whole place. Something about lights in the night that makes it feel so magical.
Bokeh :)

Eugene and Shireen painting hands! We painted our hands and printed it on the white wall :) It was really fun hehe

I honestly don't remember which is mine :P But it should be one of the red one.

After that, we discovered a inflatable slide! it was crazy fun though scary. It was really steep but ohmygosh, so fun! Plus, we get free water after the slide ;)

Only Shireen and I went while Delon and Eugene waited for us. But oh well, at least I have Shireen to accompany me :P It's their lost anyway!

One of the most magical place during the night was this tree with lights, reminding me of Avatar. It's absolutely gorgeous! This picture doesn't do justice to its true beauty. It was seriously magical.

Then, we went to Upfront Stage to watch The Last Dinosaur! I love them. They were so good and they got us all hyped up.

Later, we ended day one with Tegan and Sara <3

It was such a great Saturday and was just looking forward for day 2. Though I was crazy tired, it was still one of the best Saturday ever :)

I'm really glad that Delon went to Urbanscapes too. Totally made my experience there times 10000000 better and fun :D Plus, there's someone to piggyback me when my legs are tired. Hehehe <3

Day 2 will be up when I have the time :D