Sunday, February 22, 2015

CNY Gathering

This year, my college friends decided to have a gathering for CNY. We had one last year too at Nina's and they decided that it'll be nice if we had one more this year. It was also Jia Chyi;s birthday the day before, so we had a mini celebration for her as well.

The turn up was great! Everyone from our foundation could make it and it has been sooo long since we all gathered together. Kwen and Aislynn were in charged of buying all the food while Jin and I were in charged of the Yee Sang, cake and dessert.

Look at how much food they bought! It was more than enough and we couldn't finish them all. In the end, we had to play a game and the loser had to eat what we cooked for them. It was so torturing as all of us were full. At least we did not waste the food, we took home the leftovers.

Happy birthday, 牛!

The closest girlfriends in college :)

We don't really get to hang out much as a group, since we rarely meet but I'm glad that our friendship is still as strong as our foundation year :) Can't wait for next year's CNY gathering again.

Shen-Nii Turns 20!

This year, we celebrated Shen's birthday at Publika. It was also a farewell lunch for Khang too since he's flying off to Aussie.

I arrived first with Penny and Su Vien. Since we had time to kill while waiting for the others to arrive, we decided to buy a bouquet of flower for Shen, since it's also Valentine's Day. We went to Ben's and picked the flowers and it came out really pretty! So proud of ourselves :)

The birthday girl! <3
After waiting for around an hour, Shen-Nii and Kai Sheng arrived. The rest arrived shortly after that. 

Lunch at The Social. I finally got to try that place out after 2 years! It was not bad, I thought the penne was alright. The peach banana crumbled cake was really good too hehe :)

Group picture before we leave. Happy birthday, Shen! :D

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fun Time at Sunway!

Yesterday, the Ohana went to Sunway Lagoon! Yay :) It was the first time we have ever been to a water park together. We met at Sunway Pyramid around 12pm and had a really light lunch. I went earlier because I wanted to do some shopping but I didn't manage to purchase anything :( So, I went and bought the tickets first since I was early.

Penny was supposed to join us but she had an interview to attend so she couldn't make it. Luckily, the extra ticket did not go to waste. Henry and Jun Pun managed to sell it off to someone else hehe :) We then enter the lagoon around 1.30pm after selling off the ticket. We didn't want to waste time at the dry park so we went straight for the wet park.

The first ride we sat on was the Vuvuzela. It's such a fun rideeee! But I think the highlight of the whole day was the wave! The wave only came on at 3pm, and it wasn't just an ordinary wave. The wave was crazy high, I think it's twice my height. The first experience was the most horrifying to me as I was pushed really faraway by the wave and it kind of came to me unexpectedly. But after that, we just held hands in hands and went against the wave together with different techniques each time.

We went to the dry park as well. We sat on most of the rides, even the kiddy ones. I'm actually quite terrified of heights, not really on heights cause if it's stable, I won't be afraid. I'm just really really afraid of the feeling of falling. So yeah, we went on the roller coaster, Ferris Wheel and walked all the way across the suspension bridge. Honestly, I am the most afraid of the suspension bridge. It might be sturdy and I know it won't fall, but I honestly hate the feeling of it shaking and thinking that I might just accidentally fall. I can never be all right at walking on them. Luckily, JP was there to be by my side and encourage me though I know he was laughing at me and also trying to provoke me. Richard was really nice too because I know everytime I stop, he will stop walking because he didn't want to shake the bridge.

After the bridge, we washed up and went for dinner at SS14. We went for dessert later at Snowflake. Because I was driving alone, Khang accompanied me. It was really nice of him and I actually bonded with him during the car ride. It was a really nice car ride session with him and we talked about things we don't really talk about and everything else. Khang and I were the first one to reach Snowflake but after a short while, they all arrived too. We just sat there for a few hours talking and then went back home.

I had a great time with my Ohanas <3 Things like these will happen really rarely when everyone starts to fly away to study. #ohanaforlife

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Goodbye January!

Islamic Art Museum
On the 14th of January, I visited the Islamic Art Museum! After a few weeks/months(?) of talking about it with Penny, we finally managed to visit this place. The exterior does not match with the information and details held in the interior. We were quite disappointed with the exterior- compared to the office building- but once we stepped inside, we were blown away by all the artistic decoration and information. It was truly eye opening.

We spent a few hours in the museum trying to digest all the information but there's too much to handleee! Seriously, when we were half way done, we couldn't take in anymore and got really tired. But it was fun just exploring the whole building. It's always fun hanging out with Penny Wong :)

Tycho Awake Tour
The next day, Penny and I went for Tycho 'Awake' Live. It was incredible! They were so good. Just think of how good they are when you listen to them in your room with your earphones on; how they can capture you and put you in a state of mind that only you can on into. Watching them live is exactly that, but 100000x better. Seriously, their music can lull you into this place which is so full of joy and colour- it's almost dreamlike!

I'm so glad that I went for their live. It's one of the best performance I've ever watch, next to Kimbra.
P/S: Scott Hansen is so good looking <3

Meeting Up with Kar Kar <3
The original plan that KK and I made was to see the 1600 pandas in Publika, but I suspected it to be really crowded so we decided to just meet up for lunch and chill. In the morning, Su Vien, Penny, Ai-Vee and I went back to SBS to collect our English 1119 certificate. It was a very nostalgic moment for us.

We spent almost 10 years in this school- including our primary school years. That's why this place holds many precious memories for us, Every morning, we would the sit around this column- which is AV's spot since she would be the first to arrive and it's been her spot since forever! Slowly, the girls would arrive and form a circle. We spent every morning there talking, laughing, studying or just being half asleep. Sitting there again brought back so many memories and emotions. I really miss high school.

After that, SV and I drove to KK's college to pick her up. We decided to go back to Pudu to have our favourite noodle; dai po mee! It's been really long since the last time I had the noodle! It still taste really good hehe. Again, it was nostalgic for us since we would have that noodle before/after our classes at Martin.

We went back to SV's house after lunch and we played Taboo. Taboo was really fun! Ahh, seeing KK again and hanging out with her will never change even though we haven't seen each other in a while. Overall, it was a fun day for me and I felt I was reliving my high school days :)

Jack's 20th Birthday
We went to Khunthai for Jack's birthday! It was my first time dining in Khunthai though I've heard many good review on it before. Honestly, I think it was not bad. The green curry's portion was really small but the other dishes was alright.

After that, we went to AV's house and played a game of Monopoly. I have never really played Monopoly before so I volunteered to be the banker instead, which I think I kind of suck at. It got better after a while hehe. The Monopoly we played wasn't the traditional way, we created our own rule and speed up everything! We were giving out free house for almost everything! Maybe that's why it was hard being the banker since everything was 3x the speed. It was funny though.

At 12am, nothing spectacular happened. We just sung and wished him happy birthday. We had to go home shortly after that. It's always fun being with this bunch of people <3