Thursday, March 17, 2016


Guysss! I'm finally done with college! Whoop whoop!

College was just a crazy ride but it was one of the best time too; all the sleepless nights, random karaoke session, spontaneous trips and even trips after every semester. Ahhhh, I really enjoy and treasure each and every moment in college.

I still remember the first day of college, it is still so fresh in my mind. I remember being really shy, reserved and quiet- which until now, my friends still made fun of me because I am the totally opposite now. But, you can't blame me! It was our first day, I didn't have any friends and I was really just engross in reading and finishing the book. It was honestly a verytough first week for me, as it was a whole new platform. I was exposed to a different culture and everyone came from different part of Malaysia. Slowly but surely though, we became friends and now, good friends.

Talking about the memories in college, there are way too many funny and stupid ones. We had so much fun together, we fooled around, played jokes and pranks together but when it comes to finishing our assignments and revising for examinations, we always work and studied together. I remember staying up until 5-6am just to help each other finish up our presentations.

One of the fondest memory from the first semester was how the girls lied to me that Jin Jie walked home from the art shop because I forgot about her. It's a really long but hilarious story; mainly because we JUST became friends but they all just tricked me as if we've been friends for a long time. But I guess, that was what helped us bond :)

Honestly feeling very nostalgic thinking back about college now. So many good memories in my head! I really just want to write down all of it, but it would probably be 100 pages long.

We had our good times but we had those days were we just didn't sleep because the assignments and presentation prep were just insane. As fun as college was, it was tough! It was like a training ground for what working life would be (sleepless nights just to finish up work) I rebuke.

Graduation, was probably one of the highlight of my 2015. There were many ups and downs in this journey, but thankfully, I've always been afloat. I thank my Daddy God, my family (#1 cheerleaders) and my friends. These people are really the pillar of strength for me. Maybe that's why graduation was really meaningful for me.

The parents <3 Whose love and care just overflows every single time. I learnt to love unconditionally from how they loved me, I learnt to forgive and I learnt to persevere to every obstacles I faced, thanks to their ever constant support for me. I can never repay them for all that they have done for me.

The friendsssss <3
I was so overwhelmed by the numbers that showed up! I honestly didn't expect so many of them to come. But I was really happy, so so so so full of love and joy that I started crying when I saw the flowers that Penny, Su Vien and Ai-Vee got for me. These 2 flamingoes that are so far away, but at the same time so near at heart.

Jin Jie! <3 What would I do without you in college. She is the closest person in MIA, we worked together, explored new cafes and places together and we surely did a lot of crazy fun things together! She's always such a joy to be around and it's just so comforting to be by her side :) Thank you for being you, Jin Jie! Your really have a special place in my heart.

The people that made my college life how it was :) Forever thankful for this bunch of friends, who embraced my craziness and lameness as it is.

Honestly, no one would've topped the day like how these 2 did! They couldn't be here for my graduation but look at what they did! It still touches my heart, and it was forever make my heart warm for the love they have shown me :) I really can't wait for us to be reunited again!

It was a very overwhelming day for me. It was flooded with love, joy and gratitude. I cannot as for a better graduation than that day. Ahhhh, it still makes me so happy until today! <3



2D1N road trip with the #EhFamousAh gang. A little bit pretentious of us because we were basically recording everything for our "vlogs". We do it for the fans haha :P

So, this trip was quite a spontaneous one where Jamie, Kerry, Suann and I went for a short trip to Malacca. Our aim was to eat as many good food as we can, and oh boy, we were starved by then! We left to Malacca around 11pm, after the CY and Sound Collective Service. Arrived at our small and cozy apartment at about 1am and played a round of King of Tokyo before heading to bed.

Jamie, Su and I were very ambitious as we planned to go to the gym and all so we woke up at 9am and head to 'work out'. It was quite successful, until the guard came and shoo us out because Su didn't bring her sport shoes. We did manage to exercise a bit though, back in the apartment.

Our food trip started off with Malacca's BKT.

It was good, I think we were just really hungry. They don't serve it with white rice, but with yam rice(?)- if I'm not mistaken. Next off, we went to Jonker Street and walked off the BKT before heading to the next meal.


#EhFamousAh = A' Famosa
(I came up with it, so proud of myself *pats head*)

Next up, Nancy's Kitchen. It was one of Jamie's must have. We made a reservation, since it was usually packed, which it was. Hmm, it was alright. It wasn't really something I would shout about though.

After Nancy's Kitchen, we headed to Nadeje for crepe cakes! Yummmm, my favourite! We chilled there while playing a few intense rounds of 'King of Tokyo'.

One of the place I was really looking forward to go to was the beach with sand dune! It is sooooo booootiful! But the journey there was.... crazily tiring.

So, because Kerry was driving his new car, we didn't want to risk taking the car to the sandy area. In case it gets stuck in the sand. We parked at a safer place and decided to walk; which I think we all regretted half way through because it was a 40 minutes walk under the sun! But we were all (or maybe just me) very hopeful and enthusiastic, we even bought a kite to fly there! Honestly, I really enjoyed the walk there. It was so beautiful!

After 3454214674 km of walking, we have finally arrived to the much-talked-about sand dune. It was indeed, beautiful :)

Jamie tried to make a slide with the frisbee, but we failed- really badly. A for effort tho!

This girl! So beautiful, on the inside and out :)

The brothers from another mother, and sometimes, love-hate relationship :P

We spent about 15 minutes there, then it started raining. It was crazy heavy, so we had to rush back to the car. Imagine how devastated we were; after walking for 40 minutes, and not being able to fly our kite for more than 5 minutes (before it was destroyed by the merciless wind)- we had to make our way back. We were so tired and the walk just seem endless. But all in all, I had a good time :)

We washed up and went for dinner at the famous cheese naan place (I forgot the name). It was a very satisfying meal! I think that's because we were all so tired and hungry already! After dinner, we went to Menara Taming Sari. It was super funny because Kerry was terrified of height! The view though, was breathtaking :)

We left from Malacca after Menara Taming Sari. It was a very interesting trip with this bunch :) It just makes my heart so full everytime I think about how the 4 of us, just ended up together; it's more likely just me thinking about it. They really mean a lot to me and it just makes my heart warm to know how welcoming they are to just love and embrace me.

Here's to many many more road trips! <3