Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday breeze.

I've been going to church every week recently and I am so happy! My parents finally allow me to attend church :) I loveeee going to church to worship and to listen to sermon and all. So so so grateful that I'm finally able to be a part of church! I've been going to Vi Vien's church but sometimes Delon's too. Today I went to Delon's.

Today was really fun because we planned to cycle in the morning :B so productive hehe.
Happy Delon cycling and being better than me- well, that's only because my stamina isn't that good and there were so many uphill roads :P

I really had fun cycling because cycling is one of my favorite sport and I love the feeling of cycling :B so glad to be able to do that with my favorite boy <3

After cycling, we want for breakfast and that was about 10? Church starts at 11. It was kinda sad because we missed the worship session and I love worshipping :( Delon's fault hahah. But still, we went to church and it was CG Sunday. Today's CG was good. It wasn't as awkward as most of the other CG I've attended in FGA previously :)

That's it! :D this week was really really amazing! So blessed :D

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Burgerlab + Mini Adventure

This was really recent, happened just last Thursday :D
The DIC'11 gang finally met up after 2 years! It's been so long since we planned to hang out and I am soooo happy that it finally worked out <3 I miss hanging out with them so much! Not all of us could make it though but still happy to see those faces.

We went to BurgerLab for dinner and ahhhh, burgers are so good <3

After burger, we hung out outside the road, IDK why too. Haha but we chatted and laughed and all :)
Delon and Eugene imitating Ben and Ai-Vee. Delon look so cute here <3

JING JINGGGG <3 I love this woman and it's sad that I don't get to see her often :(

After Ben, Eunice and Delon left, we went to Midvalley to get Gongcha! :D It was fun because we got to catch up and talk :)

Okay, the arrangement got messed up, so here are just pictures.

All pictures above are from Ai-Vee :D

Oh loveeeee thissss pictureeeee <3 We look so happy here hehe :D

Though Delon didn't join DIC but he's still in interactor so he's in the gang heh :P
Can't wait for another DIC hang out. Probably not any time soon but I'm looking forward to it already :)

Today, 27th July, I went on a date with Delon <3 Kind of like a weekly thing but today was extraordinary! :D We did a mini adventure; okay, actually not even mini, it was just not-normal-watching-movie kind of date. Hehe, Delon came up with this idea since I wanted to do something other than watch movie and eat and shop. He bought me a sketchbook and ended up buying one for himself too so yay to couple sketchbook :P
Then, we went to the KLCC park and just sketch and hang out :) We talked and laughed so much today, it was so good and the weather was so good. Everything was so good :D It was magical, today was perfect :)

Favouritest boy in the whole worlddddd <3

Our sketching spot :) I sketched a tree but Delon didn't let me finish it :( He was probably jealous that my tree isn't as fat as his. Hahah, but nah, our sketches were pretty good :P

All in all, this week was really good :D

Girls day out!

Hui Wen is back from the UK for Summer holiday! So, we met up for a catch up session :) The girls and I went to Publika but it was so jam when we went to Publika. In a way it was good, because we got to catch up with Hui Wen and talked more hehe :)

On the way there with Su Vien. We were suck in the jam so we decided to take a picture :) I'm so thankful for her and that she got her driving license because now she's always driving me around. Haven't met her in a while though. I honestly miss her :(

Su Vien, Penny, and I met uo at Hui Wen's house and we went to Publika together.

After being in the terrible jam for an hour I think, we finally reached and went for lunch at Namoo. Penny and I shared some beef noodle thingy and it was sooooooo gooooood!

We ordered dessert too :D It was good :D And it helped us feel so much better because it ws kind of stuffy in the restaurant.

A picture that Shen is in! She was really late, due to jam too. I like this picture a lot actually hehe <3

SV and Yivon pretending that they're having a 'serious' meeting. So cute :3

Love love loveeee <3 Not all of us(Vi Vien and Denyse couldn't make it) but I'm so glad to see them again. I've missed them <3

This picture is hilarious. Idk maybe it's because of SV's face. Heh.

OK, if you're reading this Su Vien, I want you to know that I miss hanging out with you and I can't wait to see you again hehe <3

Last picture of the day :)

Oh! I forgot, after we went back to Hui Wen's house, Sv, Penny and I went for dinner and supper too! Ben and Khang joined for supper too. It was really a day full of laughter :D

Father's Day + ARCHIDEX

Haha, opps haven't been blogging. This was I think last month :O Hmm, let's start with Father's Day, which was on the 16th June, if I'm not mistaken. My family and I celebrated it a restaurant at Prince Hotel. Yum, it was so good!

Next, I also went to Archidex this year. I wanted to go for it last year too but, things happened. Haha- no, I actually skipped it to watch Spiderman instead. Heh :P
Kind of regretted though going for Archidex because it wasn't very informative and I felt so discriminated as a visitor there. All the staffs there literally just ignore students and go for businessmen. It's terrible. We couldn't get any information at all. But still, it was fun because it was a day trip out with the coursemates :) Took some pictures too on my camera.

Starting off with Jia Liang (I recently found out it's actually Chia Liang, but that sounds weird and gay :P)
This guy is really funny. He has the funniest laugh and has expressionless face. He is super good at lying, due to his poker face, that we can't tell if he is lying or telling the truth. But Jia Liang really amuses me, and he makes me laugh. One of the closest friend in MIA :)

Jason! A Malaysian with really heavy British/American accent. He studied abroad for around 6 years in the UK but his accent sounds very American-ish. Haha :P He has a very unique character.It's funny because he loves body building and has a very buff body so he'll give this really strong, manly and cool kind of image but no, he isn't like that AT ALL. He is the most childish person in the class. He does the silliest and kiddiest things. Jason, oh Jason. It is good having him in class though :)

The rest of the guys, the two on the left are more introvert but they are nice too. I'm not very close to the most left one because he is very quiet and more to being a loner. The glasses dude is Vincent and he is (ohmygosh), the sweetest and most gentleman person ever. He is so nice and kind. Hahaha :B

The jokers in class :)

Now to the girlsssss <3

Ini Ooi Kai Wen, but I always call her Kwen Ooi. Hehe. I don't konw what to say about her. She is like the most spontaneous, random, funny, evil, childish, couldn't-care-less, enthusiastic... ohmygosh she can be everything! Hahaha. But she has her days (Not days, kind of like hours) She can be different at different time. But she is really nice :B

Pattern banyak-banyak punya orang :P
Kwen Ooi, Yen Jun, Jin Jie (Names I call them)
Well, I've talked about Kai Wen. Yen Kuan in the middle, but I call her Yan Jun, Yen Kuan, Ah Moi(But that's given by Kai Wen) Yen Kuan is so niceeee! She always buy me food hehehe :D and, she's super funny. The things she say and do are really one-of-a-kind. So amusing :B

And the one on the most right is my closest friend, Li Jin/ Jin Jie. She's the eldest and the most caring and kindest <3 She drives us around everywhere! And she is so willing to help us whenever we need help. So thankful for her. She is also my listening ear whenever I need someone to talk to. Maybe it's because she's the eldest and I'm the youngest so I feel like she take more care of me? Hehe, but whatever it is, I am glad to have known her :)

I honestly LOVE this candid <3 It's sooooo cute and it tells you their personality in it. Hehe :D

Serious faced people. Failed though, but it's cute :)

Ending this post with this picture :D